Awful service provided over phone and ridiculous policy. My husband is in the service and had a class in San Antonio and made reservations at days inn in San Antonio .

His flight was delayed therefore missing a connecting flight to go to Sam Antonio. Since the fight was delayed he couldn't get to the class on time therefore having to reschedule. He called to cancel because he obviously never made it and they told him because of military discount they couldn't cancel. It was paid in advance and they made him pay for all four nights.

I'm wondering if they allowed someone else to stay after he cancelled cause that would mean they are making out for two payments for the same room.

I will be letting anyone know do not stay at days inn. They are ridiculous and in my opinion don't support service men or women.

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I have been in this business for 20 years and I have had to deal with guests like you on a regular basis. You agreed to make a non cancellable reservation because you wanted the lower rate that comes with it.

All was fine until you needed to cancel and now all of the sudden, its the hotels fault. They held the room for you while turning away other business. Just for the record people...When you guarantee your reservation to a credit card, you are guaranteeing the hotel that you are going to be there. They in turn will hold that room for you, if you dont show up for it, you will be charged.

Thats the point of a credit card guarantee. When you agree to a non cancellable reservation, it means just that!

Pay attention the next time you make reservations. :(


Is there only one Days Inn in San Antonio? Hotel reservations need to be read carefully, and paying in advance is usually a very bad idea. Would not make any difference if service men or women are involved, use common sense.

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