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1st off all i like to say that since i was young(almost 50 now) We have been staying at Days Inn all over. So last week the 1st Days Inn was in Dickson Tennessee.

Well there was no hot water(warm only). We could live with that.Was not the nicest room but we could live with that. Than on the way back a few days later, we were tired , it was after 10:00 pm we stopped at the Days Inn in Hurricane Mills Tennessee. We get up to our room and it was really hot so we turn on the air.

It was in the 90's all week.Than my husband go to sit in the chair and the back falls off the chair.Than i move the night stand to plug in my laptop and it look like it had never been vacuumed. But being really tired we decided to go to sleep and not think about that stuff. Woke up about an hour and a half later cause it was like over 100 degrees in our room, the air was not working right.

Thought I was going to pass out. Well that was enough, even though my husband got them to change our room i won't be staying at a Days Inn again.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #212637

This peron did spell at least with two words. Also Irish is right the fact that you won't be staying in any Days INN based one one bad experience in 41 years makes you seem like a nine year old. Why bash all hotels after 41 years of normal service.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #170019

You maybe be fifty nearly but you act like you are nine years old yourself. Did you get your son to write this.

You and your family stayed in Days Inn since you were children making you think that makes you loyal customers but you are not. If you were you would not boycott them for one bad experience. You even got your room changed. You need to grow up.

I bet you are hoping they will bet you to return back with a free nights stay or something. You make yourself seem like a loyal customer but you are not. You are just a spoiled brat. The letter was fine till your last line.

That last line makes you sound like a spoiled brat who was never taught to appreicate when things were good.

Perhaps it was your upbring, perhaps your parents are the ones who taught you to be like snobs. What are you teaching your children?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #170018

You think another room would make everything better ***. If they really cared about my loyalty they would have giving me a free weekend with all expenses, such as room service, free meals at their restaurant, free refreshments from their fridge, free video games for my children in their arcade.

What these cheapos gave me was basically nothing. When I told them that if they did not give me at least a free weekend stay that I would never stay with them again they did not care. It seems like they were glad to get rid of me. My parents had me stay in there since I was nine years old.

We had vacation we stayed with them everytime. Things were good till this last stay, and being loyal customers they could have giving me at least a free weekend stay. Also *** it is spelled at least. Not one word but two.

If you are going to post *** at least spell right. Thanks for the info. How is this going to help you. I just posted to vent, not to have *** idiots make comments.

How old are you anyway. Even my nine year old spells better than you do.


I can also live with the warm water issue too, but no air? No way!

At least they gave you another room. Thanks for the info.

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