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Please read this review for anyone that's thinking about staying at the hotel. I am an African American Gentleman in my mid 30's that's married.

On late Friday night March 2nd the power was out in certain parts of the south side of Milwaukee and its western suburbs due to a snow storm, so I decided to take my 2 girls and check into this hotel while my wife was out of town, around 11:50pm we arrived at the Days Inn located in Wauwatosa, WI., which is about 15min from our home. I requested to have a room with double beds and a microwave and frig. I paid for the room just for 1 night, now here is when things get real interesting, me and my 2 children got into the room and settled in for bed. At 12:45am there was a knock on the door loudly and I got up out the bed to answer the door, just to find out it was Wauwatosa Police.

I asked who they were looking for and they replied my name so I open the door and spoke with the Police, they told me I had a warrant and that I wasn't under arrest, but I needed to come down to the police station just to sign for some paper work for a court date and next the Wauwatosa police asked me if I would like to leave my children in the hotel and come down to the station, then I replied NO I'm not going to leave my children in no hotel by themselves, so they call to the station to find out if they could pick up the paper work from the station and bring it back to the hotel and have me to sign for it. The Police did get an ok to pick up paper work and bring it back to the hotel, so they asked for my ID and told me they would be back. The police came back around 3am and I signed for the paper work and then the police asked me to stand against the wall and took two (2) photo's of me 1 front shot and 1 side shot picture, while people were opening there room doors and some in the hall walking around. I replied I never knew I had a warrant and I asked them, how was it that they knew I was in that hotel.

The 2 police officers replied well we check the parking lots every now and then to make sure tags are current and we also get the guest list for everyone who's in the hotel and run them for warrants, so I said to them well not to say like I'm avoiding anyone but I'm in a company car and I never knew that hotels give out there guest list of everyone in the hotel unless the police are really looking for a person and they know for sure that the person in warrant is in that hotel. The police replied and said this is what we do the staff here allow us to do this. Now after the police left I was very upset because I felt like I was racially profiled and embarrassed, on top of that I paid for the room in cash, so If the police had arrested me that would have been a room the hotel could have rented all over again. I walked back over to the service desk and asked the hotel clerk how is it that the police came knocking on the room door and stated to me that I had a warrant.

The hotel clerk replied and said every hotel gives the police a copy our there guest list and why do you think we keep copies of your Driver License, there was also another African American gentleman checking in at that time at the front desk when I asked that question, so after the unknown gentleman completed paying for his room the front hotel desk clerk walked over to another computer and began to type in the gentleman information into the computer, so the man asked the hotel clerk are you running my information for warrants and the hotel clerk replied YES, then the gentleman replied to the hotel clerk well I had something that's old but not any warrants and after that the hotel clerk replied well you have nothing to worry about then. The hotel clerk stated that we also run the plate number on our property. I said to the hotel clerk is this an POLICE STATION, I also told the hotel clerk that I'm driving a company car so I know that the police didn't get my name from the company car. The hotel clerk stated well it's like that all over every hotel gives a copy of their guest list to the police if they just ask us for it.

I told the clerk I never had the police come to any hotel room that I stayed in and I've been in plenty of hotels by the air port and others downtown Milwaukee and in Chicago O'Hare Hotels just the past week, so what your saying to me is a lie and I asked him where is it in your hotel policy that your guests would be subject to any backgrounds and warrants check and what hotel really just give the police there entire guest list of everyone in the hotel so that they could have their guest ran for any warrants or so. I wait until 8:30am Saturday morning and called over 3 other hotels in the Milwaukee area and asked the same question. Could you please tell me is there anything in your hotel policy to have your guests ran for background warrants checks or just give your complete guest list of everyone who's staying in your hotel to the police if ask. 2 out of the 3 hotel were Days Inn and they told me NO we don't give out any guest info to the police, only if the police came looking for the person who they know is a guest in our hotel, we just don't give out our guest list to the police.

I contacted the Hilton and asked the same question and they also replied the same answer, so now just to say this hotel staff lied and they not only violated my rights as a guest and a man who was just trying to get a room for 1 night for his children, so that they wouldn't be in the dark. I had to have my over night stay really a very BAD STAY and embarrassing. I would never stay at any DAYS INN, just because of this 1 location. Never judge a person by their skin tone or what they may be wearing.

SO NOW YOU KNOW THIS DAYS INN in WAUWATOSA, WI. This hotel here would not be a choice of stay for anyone.

This hotel staff will give your information to the Police judging by your appearance. Maybe you may want to have your background ran for warrants if deciding on staying at this Days Inn or any if there policy are the same as this one.

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it is not the hotels fault that you had warrants. So to claim racial profiling is just a way for you to blame others for the crimes you have commited.

And for the record the hotel is BLACK OWNED. So to claim racial profiling shows that you just want to throw race into everything just so you will not have to take blame for your own actions


hotels have what is called the IDL program. Local police require them to submit names and info on all guests.

IDL stands for Identify/Detect/Locate.

It checks for warrants/wants. I have worked in 4 dif states and they all have it

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