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We were on a trip to North Carolina to visit my g/f son who is in the marines and fixing to deply over seas so the 4 of us went, my g/f, her other son, his 2 year old girl and myself--my g/f and her sone work 3rd shift and we left our house friday morning after they got off work--after both being up for almost 30 hours we decided to stop and sleep--we came to the Days Inn of Aikin South Carolina and decided to stop--not many cars there so figured it would be quiet there--they put us on the back side and i thought that would be better since we were away from the interstate traffic--now the good stuff--when we got to our room we noticed about 4 motorcycles parked there--nothing out of the way there--so we all settled down about 8 pm to sleep--the room was not cleaned just kinda picked up but everyone was so tired it didnt matter at the moment--well about 9 pm we kept hearing motorcycles racing around and reving up the motorcycles--we couldnt sleep--but thought it would quiet down as it got later--well by 11:30 it was getting louder--so i got up and oped the door to say something and by then there were at least 100 motorcycles and almost double that in bikers there, they were all yelling and drinkin--they even had the chairs out of the rooms and lined up all the way down the side walk where the rooms was--i did ask them to keep it down--and they just looked at me--but they did--then less than 30 minutes later the music was so loud we were having a hard time even hearing ourself in the room-- i called the front desk and asked them to do something but that never happened--so we decided to leave about 12:30 am with no sleep--when we said something to the night worker--all she would say it was the only room we had for the night--we asked here why didnt she tell us there was a biker party there that night and she said she didnt think it'd be a problem and she never expected them to get that loud--well when we asked for a refund for our room she said the manager would call and work it out--well he never called but had the hired help do it and offered us 10.00 refund--because we did stay in the room for about 5 hours--what the ***? now i really do not blame the bikers for what they were doing--i blame the hotel for not telling us what was going on--so remember the Days Inn of Ainkin South carolina will not do the right thing if you ever have a problem there.

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