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I arrived at the Days Inn, Great Falls, Montana the day after Christmas exhausted. Checking in about midnight, and my son arrived and checked in at about 1:30 in the morning after me.

I read till he arrived safely. At no time did they indicate to either myself or my son that they would be doing construction in the room directly above ours and replacing carpets the following morning. We were woken up to hammers dropping and loud banging. Although we are typically up in the mornings, this particular morning due to travels and the Christmas holiday, we wanted to sleep.

We asked about check out times, and believed outside of other guests in the hallways, or the slamming of another guests room, we would be left to get some much needed sleep. Wrong. Upon check out, I quietly mentioned to the front desk help that I did not appreciate the construction waking us up, and inquired as to why we were not placed somewhere else or at least notified of the construction so we could decide on another hotel. She did not attempt to be polite, apologetic, or helpful.

She shrugged her shoulders and said to a man standing close by that she would get the Manager and he came over. He had the same give-a-care attitude, said it's morning and looked at a clock on the wall. I attempted to state that I have a right to sleep (that's why I am in a hotel, paying) and as long as I am out of the hotel room by check out time, I should not have had to listen to hammers and banging. I mentioned to him that my room was so loud that I was not able to use the phone, and I was being honest and sincere about my complaints.

He looked at the wall clock again and said, "it's morning, you should be up." I was appalled that both, the Manager and the morning guest service/front desk had the same unprofessional approach with their guests. I then asked to have the number of the Corporate office, and the "manager" handed me his business card and said to me with his smart mouth, "knock yourself out, I am not only the manager, I am the owner of this building and this Days Inn," then reminded me that it's morning and we should have been up. His exact words.

I wonder why, he was not professional enough to look like a manager/owner?

Why he had no customer care training? Why when construction is scheduled that he is not organized enough to simply inform the night staff that there is scheduled maintenance and try to not place a guest near the construction, and if the hotel fills to at lease inform guests of the construction and give them the option to stay with days Inn, or seek another hotel?

What kind of owner/manager has no commonsense? and one would question why the front desk employee had no customer skills, and I was immediately greeted with conflict instead of a "good morning, how was your stay?" They owe me my money back.

Review about: Days Inn Room.

Monetary Loss: $79.

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