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A few days after returning from a vacation to Fort Myers, FL, I noticed a $250.00 charge on my account from the Days Inn that we stayed at. I noticed this because of the overdraft fee.

However, the hotel did not contact me at all to notify me of the charge, they just ran, customer-be-damned style.

When I called to inquire, I was informed that the charge had been placed as a smoking fee in a non-smoking room. The violation had been "verified" by a house keeping employee working there for five years that a male had exited the room with a lit cigaret. I explained that this accusation was completely false, since there were two females in the room, no one entered or (obviously) exited, certainly not a male, and we had absolutely NOT smoked in the room.

Both of our parties repeated our separate stances on the issue, until I was finally told that there is "really nothing I can do about it". Gee, thanks. You will never get my money again.

Stealing and lying is wrong, Days Inn!

In short, do not stay at the Days Inn @ Fort Myers North, FL. At best you'll have a mediocre experience; at worst your account will be several hundred dollars lighter with no notice or proof.

Review about: Days Inn Room.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Absolutely do NOT pay this charge. Dispute the charge and even if your card company later on puts the charge back on, continue to refuse to pay something you do not owe.

You cannot allow false charges to be placed on your credit card. Also, you may wish to complain to Days Inn corporate, tho that might be as usefull as peeing into the wind---you would feel better, but it would not be of much benefit.


I would do a chargeback and let these thieves from Days Inn sdeal with the mess of paying a fee to your credit card company.


Don't let them get away with it. Contact your bank right away and dispute the charge.

They are on very thin ice with this charge and if the bank reverses the charge, the hotel will pay a fee to VISA for the chargeback. LOL

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