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My husband checked us in for three nights and informed the desk clerk we had a pet.The previous time he asked did the dog shed and my husband said she is a non shedding dog.

He said that's what they all say. We were being put in a regular room instead of a "dog" room. This time the total that was given to us was $163.05. The same as the previous visit for three nights.

A few nights later I walked my dog up front, left her at the door where I could see her. She barked and the owner asked it that was my dog and I said yes. He told the lady to make sure we were charged for the pet. I went up the next day and a different man was there.

I told him I needed to add an extra night. He asked three times if I was sure I was checking out on that date. Really dude? Other places I add or *** nights as needed and there is no problem.

I guess I caused him to have to do extra work. We also are suppose to get a discount. When we checked out my bill was $244. .

I was charged an extra $81.00 and it should have been less. I asked was this with the discount and was told yes. I will not be staying here again. The people are not all professional/friendly.

Air conditioners do not work well. The breakfast taste generic. I have had better at other motels. Much better.

If you want good customers to return then treat them right.

I'm clean, don't tear up the room, don't cause trouble.I do not recommend this motel to anyone.

Review about: Days Inn Room.


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Yeah that one in Eastover, NC is ridden with people living there that walk around all the time with nothing to do.I don't know if they are on welfare or not but that is my guess.

They argue a lot too.

A lot of drama.It is a creepy place.

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