If you have a valid complaint with this Days Inn you will get a response like this.

Dear Guest:

Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to complete

our Guest Survey regarding your recent stay at our hotel. I have

carefully read your feedback response. I would like to address

all the issues you have listed.

The hotel pool's temperature on the day of your stay was 79

degrees. The hotel pool temperature is monitored daily and

roughly flucuates between 76-82 degrees. The pool temperature is

documented in the pool journal along with chemical readings.

The "spa", as you pointed out, is indeed empty. We informed our

franchisor of the discontinuation of this amenity over a year

ago. At that time the spa was removed from our property

information and all documentation related to the marketing of the

hotel. It is clearly market closed, is roped off, and clearly

visable as you enter the property.

The Radisson's average daily rate is approximately $120. We

charged you $79.95 for a King and offered a free continental

DayBreak breakfast. I believe this is an outstanding value for

our guests and certainly not "the same money" as you note in your

feedback response.

I did check you out in the morning. I did investigate your room

rate. You stated you inquired about a single and a King. The rate

for a single with one double bed is $71.95. The rate for a King

is $79.95. You elected to take the King at arrival according to

the front desk agent. This is the correct rate I loaded in the

system and also was printed twice in large print on the

registration card you signed at check in. I would be happy to

provide you with a copy for your review.

Never did the words, "complain all you want" come out of my

mouth. You asked if there was someplace you could complain our

franchisor and I advised you of the Customer Service number since

you did not want to discuss the matter further.

Again, thank you for your feedback and please feel free to

contact me with any further questions.


Kerry Fitzpatrick


Days Inn Corning, New York

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You requested a room upgrade but didn't want to pay for it then you come to the internet to slander the business?

Seems pretty obvious you had no complaints other than you didn't get a free upgrade.

They are running a business you know.

I'm quite sure they don't miss your buiness. Jeesh.

Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela #16914

Days Inn is horrible. Spend a little more and stay at a decent and clean hotel.

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