Made reservations for Days Inn Williamsburg, VA, for 12/27/2009 on their website. Their hook was "Buy Now and Save 15% Off"--non-refundable--cost $140.51. Was in a hurry and failed to note the "non-refundable" feature. OK...my bad...wanted to change, but learned my error. Arrived at hotel; got OK service, etc.

Upon checking out the charge was $146.82, NOT %140.51, as noted on the website and on the emailed receipt. I called the clerk on it and she told me that "...the website reservations system couldn't keep up with local taxes"; I would receive a credit, to be issued by local manager. It only happened after two calls to corporate HQ and escalation to next level of management in corporate.

My problem: obtaining the credit was a pain and not easily granted. I suspect the vast majority of customers (I estimate maybe 95+%) either don't notice the discrepancy, or figure it isn't worth the hassle! Nice little bonus for the corporation, and some recovery of the 15% saved...

People--watch your backs! They are after your $$$, in small or large increments. There's a book, out a few years now, entitled "Gotcha Capitalism". It explains a lot about the various ways the corporations inveigle themselves into our wallets...most often without our knowledge. Or, like this one, "It isn't worth the hassle."

Review about: Days Inn Manager.

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