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I had booked a room @ a Day's Inn on S Circle Dr in Colorado Springs through Hotel' I pulled into the parking lot with my 13 yr old daughter, and immediately left the parking lot. This was not a place I felt safe in nor would I feel safety for my daughter. I contacted, told them why I would not be staying there and asked to cancel my reservation. The reservation needed to be cancelled the day before, but the gentlemen @ said he would call the property but did not think this was a valid reason for a refund. I asked him to tell them I had a death in the family. After 3-4 days of trying to get ahold of the manager of the property, I was asked to provide proof of death. Emails went back and forth between myself and the manager, and I came clean about the safety issue. He made some ridiculous statement: "Of course, if you would have been on the facility only then you would have realized that is not the case as we had sold 98 rooms that night, unless the guest staying in the 98 rooms are from a different planet." and "If you would have made a request to the front desk they would have moved you to an indoor corridor property"

What does this have to do with my safety?

He refused a refund so I contacted Wyndham Worldwide and asked for a voucher for a free nights stay at a different property in the future. Emails went back and forth, they refused.

A voucher for a free nights stay would have made me a loyal customer and would look toward making reservations with any of this companies chain motels in the future. I will not be doing that going forward.

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First of all you should of researched the hotel before booking it, should of made the reservation with hotel itself not If you had made the reservation through the hotel its self, they might of even canceled your reservation, but because you made it through 3rd party, hotel is gurranted payment. Also you should of just stayed, shouldn't..another thing you don't deserve a free stay at any other wyndhem hotel it was your fault that you didn't research your reservation, so why should days inn provide you with a free room else where..


Your first clue should have been WHERE in Colorado Springs was this hotel located. The S.Circle area of town is not the part of town you want to be in after 5 pm! Better to stay on the North end of town like by the USAFA up in that area is much safer and a better quality of people in that area as well.


Wow. Just wow.

NO you do not deserve a refund, not only did you jump to an unreasonable conclusion with no evidence, but then you LIED to try and get a refund, and then go online and badmouth the hotel for following the policy you agreed to?

almost every hotel on the planet has a 24 hour cancellation policy, and you agreed to that when you booked the hotel.

You are not above the rules, you do not deserve preferential treatment, and you do not get to weasel out of the contract you agreed to.

Some people...unreal.

to A Hotel Manager Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #694958

Actually this hotel is in a violent area and online gives the most deceitful pictures. They don't even have hotel comforters in the beds.

They have nasty bed spreads with holes and everything in the room is falling apart. The security locks do not work and when I confronted the desk they acted clueless and did absolutely nothing about it. In addition there was dirty broken furniture throw all over the hallways.

The front desks phone was duct taped! This hotel need to be reported to the health department.

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