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Years ago, Day's Inn was a reliable motel. At some point it seems it was sold out to foreign interests (Hindu).

Now, every Day's Inn is managed by people who have no idea of, or no interest in, American standards of cleanliness, hotel management, or customer service. Over the years I've learned my lesson, and always ask to first see the room before paying. With the few Day's Inn's I stopped at, I have actually walked back out just because of the condition of the hallways and lobby.

My advice is to avoid this motel.

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Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela #16910

You are right. This hotel chain has been taken over by new owners that do not care about pleasing the customer.

The Days Inn in Troy, AL is a very popular place for the local drug dealers and their friends on the weekends. During the week, it is filled with out of town construction workers that like to harass the other guests, especially the female ones. As for the housekeeping staff, the turnover is insane because of the awful pay these girls get. The owner pays them $2.00 a room, so a maid can do up to 15 rooms a day, and she only gets $30 before taxes.

The owner stated he doesn't pay the girls minimum wage because they would stand around and waste time.

The result is dirty rooms, poor customer service, and an unpleasant but overpriced stay. Do yourself a favor - go to Hampton Inn or some of the better Comfort Inns (not the one in Troy - they are almost as bad as the Days Inn).

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