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Stayed one night at Days Inn, Florence, KY this past summer. Woke up to find bed bugs.

My son and husband both had bites. At check out, we showed the desk clerk the bed bugs that we had collected up in a cup. She told us that we would be receiving a phone call. Never did.

I made numerous calls to the hotel being told, each time, that I would be receiving a phone call. Have never received that phone call. Whatever happened to wanting to satisfy the customer?

Poor way to run a hotel! Would like to know how I will be compensated.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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don't worry about the bedbugs!! it's the blankets that should worry you ..been a housekeeper before and trust me they never wash them. :eek

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #759427

You must be joking. Why would you be "compensated?" And, for what, exactly?

I grew up on a farm with my grandparents and bed bugs were not uncommon in our whole community. You dealt with it.

We survived. You whine too much and expect too much.

to nikalseyn #762280

a "tenant" has a right to a pest free enviroment. if they get no satisfaction from days inn, then sue.

they have every right.

you grew up on a farm ...

you probably had bird bugs. there are, actually, bird bugs, bed bugs and bat bugs.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #759366

Bed bugs are all over----it is risky to stay in any hotel/motel, at this time. The motel doesn't always know that they have them.

Do you think motels should have each room fumigated every time a guest checks out? They have no way of knowing whether or not an incoming guest is bringing in bed bugs.

Why should you be compensated, I'm sure your family didn't need medical attention.

to anonymous #762282

fumigation is not required and there are multiple procedures that can be performed to prevent issues.

Fowler, Illinois, United States #759361

You know what I believed you until the last sentence.

"Poor way to run a hotel!Would like to know how I will be compensated. "

What a better way to get a free nights stay at a hotel than to claim the hotel was infested by bed bugs. Hope they sue you for this.

to Anonymous #762248

thought the same thing :grin

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