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Days Inn at 13353 North Fort Myers … BED BUGS!!!!! I ended up at this particular hotel for two weeks because a friend of mine and his family had been living there for 6 months and they were able to secure for me the “off season” pricing and save a few bucks. I knew not to expect the Ritz Carlton but there was no question that my room disappointed in the area of cleanliness. I did a quick investigation for bed bugs, pulling down the sheets, looking around the base of the bed and the night stand … saw nothing.

Seven nights into my 14 night stay however I wake up with six huge welts. Ok, so it might be spider bites, or might be hives or sand flea bites. I have no idea … I have been in the same room *** free for six nights …. So It can’t be bed bugs! It just can’t be! That’s what I told myself all day. However here is the ugly truth my friends IT CAN BE bed bugs! ….. turns out bed bugs only eat every three to seven nights and can live up to eight months without a meal!

My six bites became over 30 bites by the next morning!!!

When I got back to the hotel that night I decided to do a much better investigation of my room that included pulling the heavy bed unit away from the wall. That’s when I found them! About twenty of them dead and alive. As one started to borrow down into the crease between the carpet and the wall …. I caught it, killed it and took it up to the front desk for a little show-n-tell.

The first words out the front desk attendant’s mouth when I made my complaint was “well you have been in that room for two weeks”. Not a “oh, im sorry” or “oh let me move you right away to another room”. In fact it was suggested that I “just sleep in the other bed” since there were two beds in the room. WHAT!!!! As you can imagine, this did not fly with me. Im a little more educated about bed bugs then to assume that they can’t travel from one bed to another in the same room. Made me wonder how educated this lady was on how to deal with this type of hotel issue. However I was given a key to another room when I asked for one.

It was one in the morning by this time. I told the attendant that I would keep all my personal items in the contaminated room until I could wash everything, to make sure I did not bring any bed bugs with me to the next room. I was also going to talk to the manager first thing in the morning as well to make sure she knew what was going on and could take appropriate action to control the problem.

Well, I was just as dissatisfied with the customer service Days Inn Manager, Jennifer, provided. I did not care for her attitude and I got the feeling that she just wanted me and my problem to go away, as if I brought the bugs with me. What really made me upset however was the fact that She charged me a fee for me to do my laundry!!!! Yes that’s right, I had to pay Days Inn for the privilege of taking a full day off from my vacation to do laundry to prevent the spread of THEIR bed bugs!!!

While doing Laundry I found a bed bug on my luggage. I made the decision to throw out two suitcases and two bags as it was just two difficult to see in all the nooks and crannies and I did not want to take any chances. While talking to the grounds keeper, Dave, who took my luggage to discard it, I found out that bed bugs were a known issue in that room. He said they had bought new mattresses and used chemicals in the room. It would appear that no one checked to make sure the bed bugs were really gone before renting out that room again.

I understand that bed bugs are an epidemic in America right now. It’s a difficult issue for the hotel industry, whether it’s a five star or a one star establishment. But I also believe a paying customer, no matter how much they are paying for a room, should be treated in a friendly professional manner, and steps should be taken to protect them from bed bugs and if a situation like mine arises to ensure the rest of their stay is as pleasant as possible.

I am not satisfied with my experience at the Days Inn, North Fort Myers. A more pleasant interaction with the manager and laundry compensation would have gone a long ways. At this time i am considering submitting a dispute for the charges on my American Express Card. I have also been advised to notify the board of health and if need be the Attorney Generals office.

Review about: Days Inn Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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