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I am a truck driver and stay at alot of motels.

I have found that all Days Inn's are not the same.

Some of them are very nice. But others are very sleezy.

I wish I could remember the bad ones but I cant at the moment. Days Inn are supossed to be a slight step above Motel6 but some are clearly not even close to being a Motel6.

You would think that they would have and insist on certain standards being met, but I guess They do not value their customer base very much.

With that said we stay at other motels and are as careful as possible when picking them.

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I work at a Daysinn in Northern California. Each daysinn in independenly owned and operated but have to go by daysinn standards to be franchised.

I would suggest wherever you stay, always ask to see the room first before you pay and see what you are getting.

Days inn have high standards and send QA inspectors around twice a year but there are some dumps out there that fail inspection and its a while before daysinn can take away their licences (have to allow them time to make corrections etc) although they do get fined for failed inspections.

Check before you pay!!!


The only thing you have to do to make sure you get a good Days Inn is to get one of their directories. As long as the Days Inn Sunburst is a 4 or 5 (or better yet a Chairman's Award Winner) then you shouldn't go wrong staying at a Days Inn. Always check to see how each company ranks the properties it franchises out to stay at a "nicer" property for any chain hotel

Tatinghem, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France #28806

You are so right. Two of the worst Days Inn to stay are in Orlando, Florida.

One at 2500 W 33rd Street is just north of Universal Studios but outside the tourist zone right next to the gigantic Orange County detention center and a slew of bail bond shops. Not only are you on the wrong side of town, but the prison looks better than the Hotel. The 2nd Days Inn dump is located at 3300 S. Orange Blossom Trail and this one is dangerous - do NOT bring your family here.

If you're wondering why the detention center is so large, you'll know why you stay at this Days Inn. It's right in the middle of one of the most drug and *** infested areas of Orlando.

The only comfort you can take is the large steel fence around the property that's suppose to discourage the criminals and vagrants from coming into rob, kill, or beg from you. If you have the great misfortune to stay at this *** hole, don't go on the street at night and you better have a firearm for protection - seriously.

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